Niveau 5e : 5 séquences et activités clé en main

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Looking for activities for the whole year with your 7th grade ESL students ? Look no further: this amazing bundle contains 5 complete lessons & activites

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Engage your students with amazing activities !!!

File 1: Back to school

Everything you need to start the school year:

  • classroom English
  • school rules (must / mustn’t / can / can’t)
  • school things
  • school subjects: how to talk about a timetable
  • a “Getting to know Me” printable: perfect for your students to remember everything they learned the previous year
  • recap handout: likes and dislikes
  • telling the time
  • saying dates: perfect for students with bodily and kinesthetic intelligence
  • games: wordsearch / scrambled letters / I have… who has… ?
  • grammar stop: conjugation of be and have / have got


File 2: Mannequin Challenge

Perfect to pratice BE + V-ing / describing actions

This product contains 2 files:

  • file 1: action cards. 6 different themes: just print and cut , and let your students pick one card. They will have to perform the action represented on the card. There are 64 cards.
  • file 2: only for the teacher. While presenting the mannequin challenge, you can project this file to guide your students along the different steps of this mannequin challenge.

Grammar: when watching the video in class, your students will have to describe each action performed by their classmates, using present BE + V-ing

File 3: Home Sweet home

This is a complete lesson !

This file contains:

  • vocabulary: rooms in the house
  • reading comprehension: an email – a house description
  • listening comprehension: chores
  • writing activities: tell about your home – tell about your chores
  • Chores: 12 flashcards
  • Wordsearch games: rooms / chores

Grammar: Simple present / must


File 4: Jack and the Beanstalk

In this product you will get:

  • the tale
  • reading understanding questions (+ a work on the vocabulary)
  • task cards: perfect to practice writing
  • 2 final projets: either let them enact the tale using the puppets provided or let them draw and record the tale. All you will have to do is edit the video !
  • wordsearch based on the tale


File 5: Key dates in History : culture and Grammar

Matching game: 7 events for 7 topics

  • American history
  • British history
  • inventions
  • American monuments
  • English Monuments
  • Famous people
  • Wars

Your students’ mission is to match each event with its right date and report everything on a timeline. Thanks to that, they will be able to calculate how long ago those events took place.

Grammar: AGO

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