Séquence complète: la cuisine et la patisserie en anglais

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Engage your students with this complete lesson on baking and cooking !

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Engage your students with this complete lesson filled with  baking and cooking activities !


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Pour les professeurs d’anglais en France : les fiches d’évaluation au format docx qui vous permettront de les éditer facilement.

Here are all the activities you will get:

Step 1: Vocabulary recap – ingredients / utensils and cooking action verbs.
Students will have to write the words corresponding to the pictures.

Step 2: Let’s cook chocolate brownies with Jamie Olivier
After a short text based on the biography of the famous British chef, students will watch a youtube video and will be able to complete the worksheet.

Step 3 : mini task.
Following Jamie Oliver’s instructions, students will bake their own brownies and send you a photo.

Step 4 : reading activity.
This activity will prepare your students for the final task. It’s a reading exercise : they will practice fluency, a skill they will be able to use when they present their own recipe.
–> Activity 1: reading words
–> Activity 2: reading the whole recipe. 
A recording (mp3 format) for both activities is provided in this resource. You will be able to use it class and/or send them to your students to guide them for these activities. 

Step 5 : the five basic tastes
Your students will learn about the senses of taste: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. They will classify the ingredients and dishes but also fill in a chart and see the tastes they prefer. 
Reading activity: they will read 3 recipes and try and guess the main basic taste according to the ingredients and the name of these recipes.

Step 6: Let’s do some math !
When reading a recipe, students have to be aware of cultural differences, with their own country and between English speaking countries.
Thanks to the chart provided, they will be able to find the equivalents for weight and volumes for 3 recipes : popcorn, macaroni and cheese and garlic bread.

Final task : make your own recipe (American or British)
With this unit, students will have discovered several recipes but they can also choose their own for their video. They will present the ingredients they need and the different steps.

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Séquence complète: la cuisine et la patisserie en anglais