Telling Time – Activities and Games

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What time is it ? At the end of this lesson, your students will know everything about telling time !

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What time is it ? At the end of this lesson, your students will know everything about telling time ! Engaging activities!!!

Here is what you can read on the “Notes to the teacher” page:

Step 1: Puzzle 1
A matching activity with these 3-part puzzles. There are 12 sets + 1 with only the hours. Just print, laminate and hand one set per student. (they can also work in pairs).
Time to write: when they have finished, all they have to do is write everything down on the worksheet included in this resource.

Step 2: Puzzle 2 / group work friendly activity
This time, it’s a four-part puzzle: your students have to match each clock (analog and digital) to the two ways to tell time.

Step 3: Bingo time !
There are 30 different cards. I also included 3 sets of draw cards, which will allow you to differentiate. Simply choose the ones you want to use according to your students’ level.
Option: no background – to save some ink.

Step 4: AM ≠ PM
Show your students the slide showing the difference between a 24 hours clock and AM / PM. Then, let them work on the 8 situations on the cards. Using a clothespin or a paper clip, they will be able to select the right answer. READING activity.

Step 5: Conversions
Your students will have to convert times, using am or pm and then the other way round.

Step 6: Time zones
Show your students the youtube video I selected for you and then hand them the questions.

Then using the map provided (if it’s not large enough, you can video project it : the hyperlink points to the picture itself), your students will have to calculate what time it is in different places in the world. You can add other places of your choice of course !

BONUS 1: A board game !

There can be 2 or 3 players for this game. Printing the page on an A3 format will make it easier for your students to play. All they have to do is roll the dice and move according to the dice. Each time, they have to tell the time indicated by the clock.

BONUS 2 : Build your own clock !

Cut each part and build a clock. You just need a pin to hold the hands in place.

These activities can also be used 

  • for your little learners
  • for your fast finishers
  • as an end of the year game.

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3 reviews for Telling Time – Activities and Games

  1. foxonia (verified owner)

    very useful to teach or revise time

  2. MrsZ (verified owner)

    Ressource très complète. J’ai opté pour plastifier les puzzles et c’est certain qu’il faut prévoir la préparation en amont, mais ça s’est avéré tellement pratique en cours! Très ludique pour ne pas “braquer”les élèves sur les heures 🙂

  3. tiphan85 (verified owner)

    Une ressource hyper complète. Plus d’appréhension pour apprendre ou réviser l’heure.

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