“I have who has ?” – Irregular Verbs Game


Looking for an easy and engaging activity to practice irregular verbs with your students ?

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There’s nothing like learning while playing !

A “I have who has game” is an engaging activity for the whole class. In this game, your students will first work on all the verbs included in the game (in alphabetical order) : they will have to write the past tense of the 30 irregular verbs on the worksheet provided.

Then, you will give one card to each student and … play ! 

I included another game, in which a student says the verb in French and the one who has all the forms of the verb continues the game. See thumbnails.

I have… Who has … ? In this resource, you will get :

  • 2 games
  • 31 cards in each game
  • 2 worksheets
  • answer key

I also included a black and white version.


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